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exit strategyIn forex trading making correct entries seems to be an easier task than making exits. Most traders suffer from exiting-too-early syndrome and therefore missing out the extra points. In most cases bad exit taking causes you to miss out on more than half the profit you could have. What are the key factors when it comes to staying in or exiting? Is it more profitable, for example, to just set the stop and the limit, and wait until either of them gets reached? Does the understanding of exits available help minimize losses and lock in profits? 

risk reward From the very beginning of your forex career a term Risk/Reward Ratio will be an important part of your trading strategy. The realization that every single trade you make contains a certain degree of risk will defend you from uncontrollable fears and panic attacks during the trading hours. This is when the risk management comes in handy. The best known way to figure out the risk you take is to calculate the risk-reward ratio. What is this ratio and how is it determined?

trade The economic history is twisting, mutating and breaking down. Global financial system is at crisis and the government is the worse source to trust with an advice. This is my call to all forex traders. We have to understand what global recession will do to us, since volatility has been intense and this is only the beginning. The strategies that used to work before are breaking into thousand pieces. Things are changing in forex trading market and we have to adopt in order to ensure our economical survival, which highly depends on the risk management. 

Global crisis has turned forex trading into the battle of gladiators. The bad news is that the danger is on every corner. The good news is that a crisis like that brings up profit opportunities. The question is how to get to it.