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Money Management

how much to investThe Forex market is certainly the biggest market in the world in terms of trades, liquidity as well as total value. There are literally trillions of dollars at play every day. Till a few years back, this market was not open to everyone, trades happened only through major banks and clearing houses and this kept a lot of prospective investors out of the market. The Internet of Things changed all that and it is now open for any person to set up an online account and trade from the comfort of their homes.

rules of making money in forexIf you play with fire, you're going to get burned. Of course, we never think it will happen to us. It happens to “others” whom are not as skillful or careful as we are. The same sort of thinking also applies to forex trading. Statistics however, dispel this view. More traders blow out their accounts than is acknowledged by traders, as well as brokers whom tend not to publicize this for fear of chasing away business.  Indeed the inherent risk involved with trading, even with proper money management, can mean trading accounts can and will become endangered from time to time.


money managementIf you are trading currencies for a while, chances are that you have heard about money management pioneer Dr. Van K. Tharp. He is globally recognized as the most innovative and influential figure, when it comes to trading and position size management.

forex requotesSome things in forex trading are uncommon and better left inexperienced. One of these unfortunate things that you should be aware of in order to avoid it is a requote. What exactly is requote? Why does it happen? How does it affect your trading?

leverageCompared to other investment instruments, forex trading presents an attractive opportunity for many. One of the explanations for increasing attention to forex is the high leverage provided by most forex brokers. While experienced traders are aware of ups and downs of leverage, beginners often skip the basics and jump into live trading without a full grasp of what leverage is, how it works and how it impacts the risks and profits. So, first things first – let's clear up some facts!

money management Forex trading without money management is gambling. Instead of concentrating on a long term profits from your investment, the focus is on a so-called “jackpot”. Without money management plan, forex trader is without protection and without any chance to be successful in a long run. What is exactly money management and how to optimize forex funds to get the best out of the investment? 

mini accountAside from forex trading, the word mini means something small and limited compared to others of the same type. This made me ask, is mini forex designed only for those who cannot afford to trade large? Is mini forex less dangerous when it comes to risking?