December 03, 2021

why to trade forex?By now many have realized the insanely wealthy potential behind online forex trading. The ability to trade literally any time of day and night is definitely a catcher. The 24-hour forex market opens opportunity doors to every individual willing to learn, practice and invest. Apart from the obvious of seeking more cash, not all traders trade for the same reasons. This made me ask an ultimate question - why do we trade? Is it a greedy desire of getting ridiculously rich fast or just a time-passing hobby? Is it the need to feel alive or a substitute to our gambling needs? Or is forex trading a real job or just an enjoyable ride?

Why Do We Trade Forex?

For those who seek the quick rich scheme might get slightly disappointed, since forex trading requires not only investment funds but also time, patience, learning and practice. However, the intellectual challenges are firmly bond with ability to make profits and the thrill of winning can only be described as a roller-coaster ride. I trade because I love that feeling!   

Professionally speaking, forex trading gives an opportunity of being your own boss. This is the only profession I can come up with where you don’t have to satisfy anyone else but yourself! In other words you are solely responsible for your trades and the outcomes. Job satisfaction is an important piece of the happiness puzzle. Call me lazy, but that is a great reason to trade. 

Let’s talk about financial freedom. Full-time forex trading allows you to conquer financial independence. This is not an easy task and many struggle to achieve the desired results. However once taken seriously as any other successful business, you can turn the dreams to reality.   

The rarest commodity in life that is almost impossible to obtain is a true personal freedom. Forex trading allows you to enjoy life, spend more time with the family, go on vacations whenever you want to without begging for vacation days and sick leaves, witness sunsets and sunrises without rushing somewhere else, and millions of other things generally missed out on a daily basis. What other walk of life offers that?!   

Well, that was just me talking. What about others? ForexExplore has conducted a monthly survey – Why do you trade? Review the results below:

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42.9% - I want to make tones of cash and retire early!

26.2% - This is my full-tome job - my career, my profession. 

14.3% - Forex trading is my hobby. I don't even care about the profits.

7.1% - I desperately need money. :(

7.1% - Gambling is illegal where I live, so I've switched to forex.

2.4% - I am forexoholic. Trading is running in my veins.