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forex gambleLet's face it - it is in human nature to gamble. Every one of us gambles one thing or another and gets the unforgettable rush of adrenalin from it. Some of us play cards, others roll the dice, many buy lottery tickets, others bet on sports and all of us make choices in life, which is also, in my opinion, a kind of gambling. The fascination towards gambling is endless and the eagerness to beat the odds seems to conquer human mind.   

credit freezeThe trading market is dynamic, exciting and in many ways unpredictable. It is always changing its face and a forex trader must find a way to not only survive, but also make a living. What happens to us now when the economy went wild?

overtradingAs forex trader you spend hours next to your computer. Day becomes night, night becomes day and you lose yourself in currency trading chaos. Sometimes you forget about the world outside your monitor. Sometimes food is the last thing on your mind. And sometimes you have an incredible urge to nibble something tasty while you trade. Does online forex trading causes the unhealthy diet? Do forex traders overeat? 

forex hot or notTaken seriously forex trading can be a profession and a full time job. In the society where your career portrays your personality, financial status and success, I can’t help but wonder what image does forex trader have? 

woman traderDespite the increasing numbers of women in business, journalism, news and politics the world is still possessed by male dominance. The unfair discrimination against women employees and applicants still exist and socially you can still hear how sexual differences are used to justify different roles for male and female. This made me think – can women in online forex trading finally enjoy faceless and sexless identity and earn just as much as male traders do? 

taxYou finally start to profit and you are all excited about your just withdrawn cash when it suddenly hits you – what about taxes? How are my profits taxed and where should you report your income? What kind of documents should you fill in and how to keep IRC away from knocking on your door in the middle of a happy sunny day?! 

side effects of tradingI remember how little quitting my “real” job troubled me. Walking out of my blue cubicle, where I spent years wondering if I could somehow request another cubicle next to office window without getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me. There was no tickle of mystery about it – I just got fed up working for someone else that looks at you with blank and rather fishy expression every time you walk into his office. 

make money with forexI don't know about you, but it took me a while to start actually earning enough with forex trading. So the answer is yes, you can make enough with forex trading. However there is a big IF!