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is forex gamblingAs a beginner in forex trading, there are times when you feel hopeless and ready to quit You are giving all of the efforts and time but the losses are still greater then profits. You start wondering if forex is really a matter of gambling and you are simply not the lucky one. Should you continue trying or losses are the signs to call it a day? Is forex trading for everyone? 

why to trade forex?By now many have realized the insanely wealthy potential behind online forex trading. The ability to trade literally any time of day and night is definitely a catcher. The 24-hour forex market opens opportunity doors to every individual willing to learn, practice and invest. Apart from the obvious of seeking more cash, not all traders trade for the same reasons. This made me ask an ultimate question - why do we trade? Is it a greedy desire of getting ridiculously rich fast or just a time-passing hobby? Is it the need to feel alive or a substitute to our gambling needs? Or is forex trading a real job or just an enjoyable ride? 

long fingers better traderSize does matter even in forex trading. According to the latest research at Cambridge University “The length of a man's fingers may predict his success”. Now male traders might have yet another thing to worry about when it comes to size! 

millionaire in forexBecoming a millionaire is every forex trader’s dream. Many beginners search for examples of super rich in forex market, but usually fail to extract any documented proof on the internet. Does the law “if you can’t see, it doesn’t exist” apply to trading? Are there millionaires in forex? 

unemployedFinancial turmoil has weakened our confidence as fears of unemployment are confirmed. No matter where you are, the global economic crisis will leave a bite mark on your skin, or worse, will eat you alive! 

millionairesFinancial crisis has wrapped its frosty grip all around the world. Foreign exchange markets have been weakened and cries for stabilization in currencies are being heard on every corner.  

can you trust bank?Forex Trading like any other investments is never risk-free. Forex market is volatile and there is always a chance that things will not go as you have predicted. The currency movements are something you have no control over. However there are things that you can control in order to decrease your risk of losing the invested money.  

safe investment during crisisEconomic crisis is chocking the market with its strong grip all over the world. The markets are full of uncertainty, banks are unwilling to “defreeze” credits and people panic about their savings. When equities markets turned to risky investments for both financial institutions and individuals, is there any kind of investment that is still considered safe?

stay at home moms forex tradingSo here you are staying at home with your baby and hopelessly looking for some extra money. You have probably already tried selling stuff off the ebay, recruiting people to make money, completing stupid online surveys or clicking on "paid links" that never actually pay off? If you are really tired of all this scam, consider forex trading. 

forex geekAfter spending yet another day next to my monitor forex trading it finally hit me! I suddenly realized that I fall under classic definition of a geek (of course I prefer to call myself a man who highly appreciates modern technology).