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volatility effectThe foreign exchange market is the most sought out among investment alternatives. Forex offers a flexibility and an ease of trading like no other market and trades can happen throughout the week, at any time. This is because there is no one location for trade, in turn it has also been almost entirely self governed by traders and has no limits. It is the 'Wild West' of investments and has a trillions of dollars to trade with every day.


huge profits with forex trading

The biggest market in the world is the Forex trading market and it is one that never closes. It is active throughout the day as the close of one market can be the start of the next in a different time zone. This keeps the market active as trading and settlements happen through the year. Daily, there is over 1.5 trillion dollars worth of transactions, globally and as there is no central, physical location for the Forex market, it is not possible to pin point a center or a building like the stock market.


liberty reserve scamThe recent arrest of the founder and subsequent shutdown of Liberty Reserve by U.S. authorities, sent shock waves to retail forex brokers and traders around the world.  Both had come to rely on Liberty Reserve as an alternative method of payment, especially for funding and withdrawing money from forex trading accounts.

currency trading compared to stockCompared to stocks, forex has many advantages, one of which is the fact that you don’t have to go over the list of more than 7,000 listed stocks in order to figure out which company to invest in.

foreign currency Forex trading is a very dynamic business where people trade in international currencies. The international forex market is the largest trading market in the world where billions of dollars worth foreign currency is traded by financial institutions, banks, brokers and individuals. However, this market is so volatile that it is important for you to be well versed with how the market behaves. This means you should be able to understand the . Otherwise, you could lose your entire investment within a matter of hours.

chartToday a trader can easily find forex charting services on the net, some of which are offered for free. The charts provide the necessary data to keep up to date with the price movements of the selected currency pair and therefore are one of the useful tools in forex trading.

crazy regulation rulesIn the past, compared to other investment options like stocks and options, forex trading had been rather unregulated. Recently, there have been lots of talks, rumors and opinions about the proposed changes to forex trading in US by Commodities Futures Trading Commissions (in other words CFTC). What does it all mean? How can this affect you? Is it a good time to change your broker?

forex or stocks are riskierConventionally stocks have been considered the optimal investment opportunity for many of us, however the recent volatility and fluctuations made many investors look for the alternative - currency trading. Before leaping into the unknown territory, however, it is important to fully understand the differences between the two equally sophisticated and profitable prospects. What are the benefits of each? What are the major differences between the two? Why today so many stock traders are turning to forex? 

7 new things about forexForex trading is not a computer game, it is not simple and it is definitely not 100% get-rich-quick scheme. Before your clench to yet another mouthwatering promise of unlimited profits and absolutely no loss, go over our list of things you should know. 

forex resourcesAn essential piece of the forex success is in trading education, forex information and learning materials. Today internet offers large variety of both free and paid trading resources to help out a beginner. Out of all available information, what is useful and what is disorienting? Are there quality free resources or it is worth paying for a trading course right from the start? Can forex forum or blogs be of any help?