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Forex trading, in my opinion, is the safest investment option available today. Many financial institutions and traders consider foreign currency holdings as the most secure investment option. When couple of years ago an middle class individual wouldn’t even dream about entering forex market, today private investors enjoy the appealing forex investment opportunities.


Trading forex gives everyone a chance to enter the real business world. Assets are fully liquid and the biggest advantage of them all – the ability to trade long or short on the week days, 24 hours a day. Some forex brokers go even further and offer trading possibilities even when market is closed. Even with a small deposit forex trader can earn generous amount via leverage options.


Forex trading holds a healthy investing potential for every investor around the world. Of course the draw back of forex lays in the fact that not many are familiar with the trading environment and not many have time to educate themselves about it. After all, forex trading requires a lot of learning and practice. When people need investing solutions at the time of uncertainty, learning is the last thing on everyone’s mind, no matter how worthy forex trading is.


Forex trading is not gambling – you cannot simply put a “bet” on two currencies and wait for the results. Well, actually you can do so, but this will result in a very quick loss of your funds. Currency trading is full of technical terms that have to be memorized and fully understood and for new traders this can also be a big minus.


However, I still think that the pain of learning forex trading is worth even second of it. With a professional assistance of forex broker learning process can safe some time and energy and new forex traders can enjoy the investment opportunities right from their own home.


Another good question is whether financial crisis has or will eventually have any strong impact on forex brokers? After all, if you start forex trading, you have to trust your forex broker to take care of your funds and profits! Is it wise to stop trading at all during economic uncertainty?

My trading motto is “trust, but always check”. In my opinion, you can continue trading safely but at the same time the moment your profits reach the “yes-you-can-withdraw” level, you should take the money out. Every time you are done trading, leave no more than $100 in your account just for the save side. That way, even if things go bad, loosing $100 won’t sting as much as loosing thousands.


I cannot guarantee anything and I don’t know how other traders are handling the economic situation, but I haven’t stopped trading (although the spreads and swap rates are outrageous). So far every withdrawal request has been processed without problems and I keep my profits save by withdrawing them every chance I have got! Of course, I loose money because of the withdrawing fees and trading with small amounts isn’t too attractive, but at least I am not scared every time I open my trading platform! My heart is free when I have nothing to loose.

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