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Gambling with money is among us for thousands of years despite legal and religious barriers. How is forex trading a gamble, you might ask?  Forex trading involves currency exchange – you buy or sell, then hope for the best. In my opinion, Forex trading is yet another way of gambling and it is very appealing since it is legal everywhere. No matter how elaborate the forex trading might seem, it still brings up the primordial human instinct – to win.  

Forex trading is relatively new but it is already universally acknowledged. Forex trading is trans-cultural and it makes sense! After all we trade currency of one country for a currency of another.  

Forex trading sees an unbelievable growth of interest and it becomes a popular way of working-from-home. Unlike gambling where you usually see women behind slot machines or bingo lines, forex became a favored option for stay at home moms. 

Gambling is a huge business and so is forex trading, because at the end of the day don't we all dream about one big win?

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