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social trading etoroOnline trading is evolving in front of our eyes, as thousands of new traders join the game. In the recent years, forex brokers surprised us with many new features and innovations. One of which is social trading – the revolution of forex.

Forex TradingNo matter if you are a novice to the world of forex trading, or a veteran in the industry, you will always encounter days that are unprofitable, stressful and tiring when it comes to the trading platform. When you use the tips and the tricks that are highlighted here it will help to enhance the chance that you will earn more profits than losses when using the trading platform.

learning tipsGetting prepared for forex trading, is without a doubt, a rather large undertaking. The forex market is a rather large, decentralizes place where banks, individuals and other corporations trade various currencies, 24 hours a day. The fact is that there is so much to take in and learn about forex trading online that it can often be overwhelming. However, with the tips here, you will not have to become overwhelmed with this process.

trade forex anywhereI am sitting in a cafe in New York City as I write this. It’s a bit noisy, with many distractions such as nearby conversations, and a few young women walking past-which I invariably have to look at-but I just closed two trades (long XAU & XAG if you must know). Both were profitable. Normally, I trade on my laptop, but today I’m “armed” only with my smartphone, and using the “free” wifi at the cafe. I placed the word “free” in parenthesis because I paid for several espressos.

forex large accountMost traders aspire to turn their few thousand dollars into a million or so. Armed with compounding spreadsheets, perhaps a Blackbox EA robot and an optimistic smile we sail to the millionaire’s club.  However, since most retail level traders don’t actually understand how the interbank market structure or the procedure broker’s use to fill their orders, they often don’t understand why that dream will unlikely to come true.