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swing strategy Possibly the simplest strategy in FOREX trading is, Swing trading and it has been known to be quick and reap good profits. It is a preferred way to trade by beginners simply because, it does not require the expertise or discipline that is needed by the long term players and holders in the market.

trend in forex marketThe strategies of trend following have come into focus in recent times for their lackluster performance. Whenever there is a mention of trend following, Commodity Trading Advisers or CTA  comes to mind. Due to this, the performance of CTA funds have been under the scanner as well.

backtesting Metatrader 4Backtesting is a vital step when it comes to evaluation of a forex trading strategy. As backtesting is historical, any backtesting program will be compelled to assume when it comes to two important components of the profitability of forex trading: the swap rate and the spread rate.

high probability tradingFor those just entering the rapidly growing world of trading, there are many strategies that can help you achieve success. It is extremely important to learn about the market and understand the ever-changing market trends to be able to make a profit. There are various strategies that traders put to use, and it will be quite helpful for you if you can learn how to spot conditions when you can apply those strategies.

identifying trending currenciesTrading in the forex markets can be a very lucrative activity provided you know what you are doing and understand the risks. Before you enter any trade, it is critical for you to learn exactly how the market is behaving at the moment, whether price movement is range-bound or trending and what is likely to happen in the coming times given the current circumstances.

end day vs intraday trading

If you are interested in currency trading, there are different ways of doing it. How you want to trade forex should be determined keeping in mind your understanding of the markets, your experience and skill levels. In that context, we can broadly divide forex trading into intraday trading and end of the day trading. 

maximize profits with weak currencyIn every form of sport, there are fans that support different contenders or teams. Over time, these fans gradually learn about what teams are better or worse compared to their favorites. If these fans were to place a bet on the game, they would obviously place a bet for their team whenever they are playing against a weaker team as their chances of winning would be higher. 

3 ways to exit stock trade

Trading on the stock market can be exciting, risky, and lucrative, and it’s not just for finance and economics majors. Whether you’re checking stock values during your lunch break at the office, or working the market at home eight hours a day at your laptop, you need a strategy. Not just for what to do with your profits, but also what do about the money that you might lose.

stop loss strategiesSetting stop losses is an art, not a science. Traders whom can successfully master techniques and methods for placing them, will enhance their trading in more ways than they can imagine. While there are some traders whom do not use stop losses-and whom swear that stop losses are for bad traders-the stop loss usage is the key to long term survival and prosperity. 

forex newsMost traders' strategies revolve around the news. Whether scalpers, intra-day, swing traders, or those employing even longer term methods to extract profits from trading, the news plays a vital role. Underlying economic factors shape markets, but it is the news-or more precisely, the reaction to news and events-that moves markets. It determines whether a currency pair will breakout, continue trending, reverse, or just range.