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macdMACD is very widely used indicator in forex technical analysis. MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence and it is among us since 1981 when it was first discovered by Gerald Appel. As a forex trader you main agenda is to find a new trend and MACD is exactly the right tool to do so. MACD is used to indicate a new trend by identifying moving averages. 

bollinger bandsBollinger Bands are very popular technical indicators among forex traders. The man responsible for the idea is John Bollinger – he created this technical trading tool in early 1980s.

moving average indicatorMoving average is yet another indicator used in forex trading to forecast the next price movements. The word "average" already points to the main idea behind the moving average indicator – to show the average value of the price changes. In other words, moving average "flattens" out the price slop over a certain set of values.