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MFX Capital reviews

General Features, Location and Regulation of MFX Capital

Reviewed broker: MFX Capital (rebranded from MFX Broker - listed as scam broker around the internet)

Established in 2006

Operated by Master Services Inc., Belize

Regulation: IFSC

Location: Russia

Trading Platforms, Account Types and Conditions

When you invest with MFX Capital, your Forex account is traded by the broker through our MAM (Multi Account Management) account with FXChoice. This allows you to connect your trading account to our Master account, which will copy all our trades onto your account. Any profit off your investment is shown in your trade account and can be withdrawn at any given time.

There are 2 types of managed accounts: 

USD denominated account- Your account is displayed in USD, all profit made is in USD. This is your typical trading account.

BTC denominated account- Your account is displayed in BTC (Bitcoin), all profit made is in Bitcoin. Therefore, with this account you gain Bitcoin as profit and continue to accumulate more and more Bitcoin as your account grows.

Both of the account options above work in the same way, the only difference is one earns USD as profit and the other earns Bitcoin as profit. 

Commissions: Once profit is made, a 40% performance fee is deducted automatically from the clients profit at the end of every month.

Payment Options with MFX Capital

Minimum deposit: $250

Payment methods: Not listed on the site 

Customer Support

There is no contact information with the broker apart from an email address! No information about regulation, physical address, features, educational material. We advise to stay away from this forex broker due to fraud markers.

How was the rating of MFX Capital performed compared to other brokers? 

This 2018 Forex Broker Review  has been conducted though thorough research and assessment of rating and ranking among almost 300 international forex brokers. The final grade is given based on MFX Capital broker performance and features. 

Overall our online MFX Capital review was conducted with the details obtained from the demo trading and the forex brokers website. If you would like to add details to this online MFX Capital or you find inaccurate details MFX Capital broker review please get in touch with us and the changes will be applied.