February 28, 2021

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Darwinex Review

General Features of Darwinex

Investment opportunity at your finger tips

The DARWIN backtesting tool shows the return, the P&L, the performance fees and the final equity that any DARWIN investment porfolio you create would have generated. Set the starting date of the simulation, the invested capital and the leverage. Select the DARWINs that make up the investment portfolio, analyze the backtest and share with whoever you want. Only the backtests’ accumulated result curves include investor divergence and performance fees paid to the trader. It is thus normal that the backtests’ result doesn’t correspond exactly with the DARWINs’ return.

Reviewed Broker: Darwinex

Established in 2012

Location: Level 39, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, UK

Note: belongs to radeslide Trading Tech Ltd.

Regulation: FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

Account, Payments and Trading Conditions

The broker currently offers traders the following platforms and technologies for DMA access to the FX, Stock, Commodity, Index and Crypto CFD markets.

As a technology company built by traders for traders, Darwinex is acutely aware of the requirements for algorithmic traders that span beyond the current capabilities of MetaTrader as a trading platform.

For this reason, the Labs team has engineered and made available the following auxiliary libraries to complement our MetaTrader / FIX API stack:

  • FIX v4.4 Pricing & Trading Modules (in Python)
  • ZeroMQ-enabled Python to MetaTrader Bridge (in Python)
  • ZeroMQ-enabled MetaTrader Server EA (in MQL)
  • DARWIN API Wrappers in Python

Assets and Spreads

Enjoy our ultra-fast execution, interbank spreads from 0.0 pips, discounts for the best traders (starting at 3.0 USD per roundtrip lot) and more.

The greater a trader's skill, the cheaper the transaction costs.

Darwinex rates trading strategies based on a proprietary algorithm we call the Darwinex Score (D-Score). The motivation behind the D-Score is to quantitatively measure the odds of a trading strategy (DARWIN) winning in the future.

It's our approach to rating investable trading skill, and is composed of 12 sub-algorithms (Investment Attributes), none of which depend on trading volume; a clean, transparent & fair way to quantify trader skill.

Leveraging the D-Score, we reward traders with talent-linked discounted pricing.

Traders with other brokers can link their track records to Darwinex to get their D-Score and a free diagnostic of their trading systems. This is the easiest way for non-Darwinex traders to dive into the our algorithms and ratings.

500k Deposit Protection

Darwinex provides free supplementary insurance that covers FSCS eligible clients up to a total of GBP 500,000 versus the standard protection of just GBP 50,000.

Currency pairs: 34 currency pairs, 9 indices and 6 commodities

STP broker: yes

No dealing desk: yes

Spreads: starting from 1 pip

Commission: $2.5 per $100,000 traded

Social trading: yes

Maximum leverage: 1:200

Minimum deposit: $500

Minimum investment: $200

Demo account: yes

Payment options: Bank Wire, Credit Cards, Trusty Bank Transfer, Skrill

What is DarwinIA?

DarwinIA is a monthly trading challenge which distributes a maximum of €4,500,000 of notional capital among the best 60 DARWINs of the month.

Allocations remain invested in the DARWIN for a period of 6 months from the date of allocation. At the end of the period, Traders receive 20% of profits generated from the notional allocation as performance fees.

Performance fees are paid out quarterly on a High-Water Mark basis. Allocations are cumulative, the same trader can receive prizes in different months.