Mon, Nov 28, 2022

OctaFX receives its fifth award this year. World Finance, a leading global financial publication, proclaimed OctaFX the best FX broker in India in 2022.


OctaFX earns yet another prestigious award—fifth this year—for its excellent brokerage services. This time, World Finance acknowledged the broker’s efforts in the region with the ‘Best FX Broker India’ award for 2022. 

Quoting the 2022 Credit Suisse FX Survey report titled ‘Assessment of exchange rate developments’, World Finance cited inflationary pressures, rate hikes by central banks, and supply bottlenecks impacting industrial businesses as just a few of the factors creating a volatile landscape in the Forex market. It therefore stated that traders venturing into this uncertain market require quality support, the best tools, education, and expert advice from a broker. This year, the World Finance magazine recognised the brokers providing all of the above as the best in the industry. OctaFX received its well-deserved ‘Best FX Broker India’ award. 

‘OctaFX has been awarded by Word Finance's FX Awards program for over 5 years. The broker continues to evolve its product offerings and technology and to dedicate itself to being one of the world's most innovative, trusted and transparent retail FX brokers,’ a World Finance Magazine spokesperson commented. 

The World Finance magazine is one of the leading voices in the financial industry with regular contributions from well-respected economists and theorists offering the most comprehensive overview of the markets. Using its global expertise, the magazine has determined the winners of its Forex Awards 2022. OctaFX was not left unnoticed. 

OctaFX is a global broker that provides online trading services worldwide since 2011. The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charity and humanitarian initiatives, including improvement of educational infrastructure, short-notice relief projects, supporting local communities and small to medium enterprises.

In India, it managed to capture the ‘Best Forex Broker India 2021’ award and the ‘Best Forex Broker Asia 2021’ award from the Global Business Review Magazine and Global Banking And Finance Review, respectively.

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