Mon, Nov 28, 2022

After introducing its Apple iOS Trading App a few times regionally in the framework of a test-run, the international Forex broker at last discharched its eagerly anticipated product across the world.

The international Forex broker OctaFX recently undertook the official shipment of its new, much-anticipated product—the OctaFX iOS Trading App. The complete app release has been teased all throughout 2021 to finally arrive in the early stages of 2022. Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Nigeria were some among OctaFX’s service regions to have been treated with early access to the new trading app. 

The app’s present version of its user interface is in English and—depending on the region—in a variety of other national languages. In time, the service language offer will also further expand. Users worldwide can download the app, set up an account, manage their investments, and engage directly with the OctaFX client support. The service grants the payment option ‘Virtual Accounts’, which makes deposits and withdrawals through the given region’s most popular local banks possible. Plans to expand on the financial options within the new app even farther are already in the works. 

In the meantime—while already in the process of the regional ‘quiet launch’ for several months—the OctaFX Trading App has been downloaded nearly 300,000 times and has been rated in overwhelming majority with an impressive 5 stars score. 

The OctaFX Press Service commented on the app release: ‘People all over have long awaited the appearance of our iOS Trading App—we are well aware of that. This is the reason why we diligently and moved forwards to deliver the best product imaginable. We are capable to provide our users with something that’s actually a personal “office” of sorts—a smooth trading ecosystem, where they can manage their accounts, investments, and finances. In the past process of regional ‘quiet launches’, we capitalised on the chance to enhance aspects of our app and highlight the main idea—being now able to allow our clients to trade on our own trading platform, which offers better trading conditions and broader trading functionality than most’. 

A concise framework of the app’s current features

  • Trading on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Creating and managing trading accounts
  • Depositing and withdrawing funds
  • Users can easily track their operation historyUsers can reach client support 24/7 via live chat in English and in several local languages (depending on the region)


The official launch of the Apple iOS OctaFX Trading App went ahead in March 2022. Clients worldwide can download the trading app on the Apple App Store. 

OctaFX is a global broker providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers everything one needs to reach their investment goals, providing top-notch conditions utilised already by 7.5 million clients globally.

The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charity and humanitarian initiatives, including improvement of educational infrastructure, short-notice relief projects, supporting local communities and small to medium enterprises.

On a side note, OctaFX has also won more than 45 awards since its foundation, including the 2021 ‘Best Forex Broker Asia’ award from Global Banking & Finance Review and 2021 ‘Best ECN Broker’ award by World Finance.

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