Mon, Nov 28, 2022

SYDNEY, Australia, July 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FXCM Group, LLC (‘FXCM Group’ or ‘FXCM’), the leading international provider of online foreign exchange (FX) trading, CFD trading, cryptocurrencies and related services, is launching a new ‘Save Money, Sleep Better’ campaign in Australia, offering zero rollover fees* for customers holding trades open overnight in selected Indices, Gold and Silver.

Trades left open overnight accrue interest and have a fee associated with them. The fee is commonly referred to as rollover, financing cost or swap fees.

FXCM’s Australian customers will benefit from ZERO rollover fees when trading the selected Indices Gold and Silver, allowing them to leave trades open overnight without being charged. With the exception of XAU/USD (Gold), none of the instruments in the No Rollover Fee Trading have positive rollover. XAU/USD can have either a negative or positive rollover rate depending on the direction of your trade and market conditions, as part of No Rollover Fee Trading both sides of XAU/USD have been set to 0. 

FXCM’s new ‘Save Money, Sleep Better’ campaign follows the company’s recently launched ‘Client First’ initiative, focusing on expanding its product offering and boosting client service as part of a brand refresh. Over the past year, the firm has enhanced its existing products and added 79 new products including Share CFDs, cryptos and stock baskets. The company’s new ‘Save Money, Sleep Better’ campaign further demonstrates its commitment to its ‘Client First’ initiative.

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