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free demo accountsNewbies in the trade industry should receive free courses to provide a better and more efficient understanding of what the concept of trading involves. Practice is an essential tool in the development of forex trading and a quality forex broker will offer extensive training as a benefit to their clients. This provides the necessary platform for the individual to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the online investment market.

demo accountEvery forex broker offering demo accounts advertises them as if they were gifts of free money. Their offers of $50,000 or $100,000 to trade are intended as enticements to sign up, with an inference that you won a contest or lottery. Rare that anyone turns down “free,” so erstwhile traders as well as the merely curious, jump in with both feet.  Clever of those brokers!


importance of demo tradingYou are a new forex trader, recently joined the game. The most common way to start practicing forex is to open a demo account, where you can practice your strategy with virtual money. How long should you trade with demo account before switching to real cash? Is it necessary to open a demo account or you should just jump in? Do demo accounts differ from one broker to another? 

practiceThere are so many forex brokers out there and most of them have free forex demo accounts which you can easily download and use for about 30 days. Many believe that demo accounts are useless because they don't give you a right idea about real forex trading. I would disagree with that point of view, though. First of all, forex demo accounts are important for the newcomers.