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Online currency exchange is a golden door to cash balance where currencies are traded simultaneously for one another, to flexibility where every financial world headline plays an important role in decision making, to financial freedom where you can make thousands in minutes sitting next to your computer at home! The question many ask is how much do forex traders really earn? Assuming that the average forex trader is responsible, serious, well-read and patient, what is the average profit? And what factors play important role in earning cash in forex trading? 

Last month has conducted a survey “How much do you make per month?” Below are results of the monthly poll:



   Monthly Profits in Forex Trading 



In case you are new to all of this, forex means foreign currency exchange and it basically deals with buying and selling different currencies simultaneously. Profits are based on the success of the trade. You make money in case you buy-low and sell high. You lose money when you buy-high and sell-low.    

Forex trading is still considered a high risk investment overlooking the fact that high risk evolves from the lack of knowledge, practice and money management. Forex is complicated for those who don’t invest enough time into learning the basics. Funding your account with couple of hundreds will not ensure you a profitable trade if you have no idea what trading really is. So, before you seek fast and easy money, you should consider understanding the market you are getting into.   

Forex profits also depend on the initial investment capital. If the initial deposit is just $5, it is most likely that you won’t collect anything larger than $10 per month.    

Another overlooked trading issue is choosing the right lot size. The lot size plays a crucial role in profit making and should be taken seriously. By trading large lots with a small account fund usually leads to a complete disaster. Instead of quick-and-easy-cash you get fast-and- nonrefundable-losses.   

 So, there you have it. Making consistent income working from home is not just a dream. Buying a new car after a month of trading is not an illusion. Spending some time with your family instead of coming home exhausted and grumpy after yet another day in a cubicle is not an unreachable goal.  

There is no magic… no focus-pocus… Get serious about forex trading, dedicate your time and mind to learning the basics, practice with demo accounts and build yourself a better life, because if you won’t nobody else will.

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