panda trading systemsBroker technology provider Panda Trading Systems, or in short Panda TS, revealed that it will provide time data feeds for weekends for OTC assets on major forex currency pair and gold for the brokers via company’s feed or binary options platform POLARIO.

So far the company has been featuring the Bitcoin data feed during the weekends together with selected stock offerings from Middle East. Together with forex feeds, the company will provide brokers with the opportunity to start 24/7 trading features.

Panda TS is in partnership with 2 institutions which will provide the necessary liquidity over the weekend trading to MetaTrader 4 brokers. The company mentioned its further plans to include even more assets for the weekend trading in the near future.

Panda TS’s Co-Founder and COO Maor Lahav said, “We’re excited to announce yet another ‘first’ to the market with 24/7 trading on FX and Gold. Our continual focus is on supporting our clients by providing the highest quality tools they need to increase conversions, boost trading volume and strengthen their brand equity.”

At the moment OANDA broker was one of the major forex brokers to offer seven day a week trading services, however the prices were not updated in real time and, therefore, caused managing challenges during the Monday opening hours. The company decided to discontinue the weekend trading last year.

Aside OANDA, few binary options technology providers offers trading over the weekend, however the available expiration time frames are usually weekly, meaning that the trader can place a trade during the closed hours of the market but the expiration time for the binary option purchased is minimum on Friday.