orbex video reviewNew broker on the block, Orbex, joined forex industry arena with humorous video campaign featuring every trader’s daily battles. The video is fun to watch and relate to but this is not all. Orbex invites traders to share the video and join social contest with a very attractive prize – 10 no deposit bonuses of $500 for a live account ready to be traded.


The video has been launched earlier this month. It describes the regular trader, most brokers and compares itself to a superhero that saves the day. It is different, funny and very entertaining! This is definitely a new way of looking at forex with a bit of humor added to it.


While most of the brokers we all know focus on drawing you a picture of business men in tight suits and ties, constantly on the run with their smartphones, trading non-stop near the endless lines of complex graphs. How is Orbex different? According to this fore broker, the main goal is rooted in the client satisfaction, service, overall trading experience and transparency.


Orbex throws humor to the faces of its competitors and it is indeed very creative and engaging. After all, can you really be a forex trading without a little sense of humor?!