Improved Customer Support at eToroeToro is making some major changes in their customer support center to assist the traders even better. Now there is ZenDesk ticketing system and Zopim live chat system to manage the requests of the traders and provide help as quick and efficient as possible.

What does this all mean? eToro Social Trading Network has been pretty efficient already, so what exactly gets better?

Here are some of the benefits of our new support systems that we are very excited about:

Better Stability

The new systems are much more stable with less down times and useful upgrades. When things run fast and without bugs, the end-user (aka you and me) get our answers much more quckly.

Better language support

Not all of us speak English, but it doesn’t mean we do not need assistance! Until now eToro was at times unable to support some of the users in their own language, however starting from today Zopim live chat system will allow the representatives to use Google Translate to provide answers to the urgent problems.

It is true that Google Translate is not the best option and it is not a substitute to an actual native speaker, however sometimes in trading there are issues that cannot wait and this is where Zopim live chat comes in with direct chat to help you out right this instant.

Upgraded Customer Service Center

Here the overall look and feel is the same and you don’t need to do any extra efforts to open a ticket. The only difference is the improved efficiency! Things run faster, better, smoother!

Improved ability in the chat systems

The chat system has been upgraded and allows you now to have direct chats with features such as, for example, Document Sending and Uploading. You do not have to send emails to open a new ticket any more. Now you send everything right there and then!

Satisfaction surveys

At the end of each resolved issue you will be able to review the assistance received and send a feedback to eToro for quality check.

Lastly if you are not eToro member yet, you have to give it a try! Open an account here without a fuss and start trading in the next 5 minutes!