activtrades logoActivTrades decreased its minimum commission on Major Europearn stock exchanges from 8 euro to 1 euro. The lowered fees allow traders to take advantage of CFDs shares worth up to $2,000 the Euronext, Italian and German exchanges with attractive low commission of just 1 euro.

ActivTrades has been offering its brokerage services since 2001. Along with lower commissions, the broker also recently added several attractive currency pairs such as USD/CNH and USD/RUB to its expanding forex selection.

Alex Pusco, Chairman of ActivTrades, says  “We strive to offer them the best service possible at all times. With this new fee structure we want to give a greater opportunity even to investors with lower trading volumes to enter and trade in the equity markets and benefit from special discounts along the way”.


The broker is registered with Financial Conduct Authority and is affiliated with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). ActivTrades offers forex, CFDs, Shares and Spread Betting to its customers worldwide. On the website of the broker you can find detailed analytical tools and SmartForecast automatic system which allows you to find out short and long term resistance and support. There is also an application, called SmartOrder, which opens new horizons to MetaTrader 4 platform with increased speed and position managing.