etoro openbook sharing on iOSSharing is caring! eToro steps up with another version of eToro OpenBook for iOS. The new update brings a great new feature – the ability to share useful posts with other traders via eToro Openbook.

1.    Let’s say you saw a very cool post you want to share with others.

2.    Now you can also add your own comments and press “Share”.

3.    You can now view the shared post and check out all the “Likes” and “Comments” it gets from your friends (just like in facebook).

All of you iOS users, if you already have eToro OpenBook on your phone, then simply login and check out the new feature. For those of you who haven’t downloaded the free app yet, check out the mobile page of eToro broker for the application.


eToro is always happy to receive feedback and reviews from the traders, so do not hesitate to give them your 5 cents on the new updates.