XM Prepaid Cards Available for Forex TradersXM forex broker now offers XM USD MasterCard, XM EUR MasterCard, and XM USD Shanghai(China UnionPay) to all the clients with registered real accounts. This adds undeniable flexibility and convenience to traders who seek fast and easy deposit and withdrawal solutions.

Register Real Account and Claim Your Card

XM Card Benefits Reviewed

XM Cards are prepaid cards that can be used all over the world to withdraw funds and trading profits from your MT4 trading account. There are 3 types available: XM USD MasterCard, XM EUR MasterCard, and XM USD Shanghai (China UnionPay).

The XM USD MasterCard and XM EUR MasterCard can be used wherever you see the MasterCard logo, and the XM USD Shanghai card can be used wherever you see the China UnionPay logo.

With the ability to transfer between your XM Card and MT4 trading account, you can access your funds and trading profits in a way never before possible. An XM Card is the ideal companion for any trader, just choose the card or cards that are right for you.


All clients with a total MT4 balance of at least $2,000 can get their first card for free. For those who have a lower balance or would like to order additional cards, the standard charge is just $10.