xm Global forex broker XM has built a strong name for itself founded on the provision of quality trading services combined with safety of client funds and 100% execution of client orders. Their reputation for excellence has now been solidified by Investors in People who have officially acknowledged XM for their outstanding efforts in developing its people to maximize their potential. 

“We strive to create opportunities for traders and provide all the tools and resources they need to help them realize their potential. This is a philosophy that we not only extend to our clients but also adopt internally within our company. Each employee is adopted and regarded as an integral part of the XM family, and we work closely with each to help them realize their own potential” commented Managing Director Ilias Mavromatis.

With the support of Investors in People, XM aims to fully utilize the resources available to them to further enhance the performance and ability of its people. The online trading sector is fast-paced and constantly evolving, making attributes such as resilience and adaptability, critical for long-term sustainability. 

“The accreditation we have received from Investors in People reinforces our commitment as a leader in the industry. We remain committed to our people, our clients, and to the unique culture of XM which has been built on a solid foundation of transparency and compliance” explained MD Ilias Mavromatis.


As a trusted financial services provider, XM has now deservedly received the official endorsement of one of the world’s most respected and highly regarded organizations. In the fiercely competitive world of forex, the accreditation of Investors in People is not only appealing for existing and prospective employees, but also for traders seeking a distinguished and reputable broker.