rediplus platform

Credit Suisse announced its connection to REDIplus, an institutional platform designed by REDI Global Technologies, which allows the platform to adopt Advanced Execution Services (AES) operations and concentrate on algorithmic trading.

Recently United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has been trying to find ways to control algorithmic, automatic and high-frequency trading services among forex brokers.

“Credit Suisse’s AES brings tremendous global reach and cross-asset capabilities to our platform,” stated Rishi Nangalia, CEO of REDI Global Technologies, with regard to its connection to the financial institution. “REDI continues to leverage the strength of our partners in order to deliver innovative solutions across the trade lifecycle and bring added value to our customers,” he concluded.

 “REDI offers Credit Suisse a new way to serve investors,” commented Pankil Patel, co-head of Credit Suisse’s AES U.S. in a commercial statement today.


“It’s a new way to offer the wide variety of algorithmic tactics that allow our clients to reduce their market impact, improve their performance versus benchmarks and focus on the bigger picture,” he added.