fraudJust when you think that the internet security today is relatively reliable, another attempt of fraud comes knowing on the door.

The latest victim – Delta Financial Markets. The broker has been attacked by Hong-King based attempt at faking the company’s website in order to receive the clients’ deposits.

In order to protect yourself from such highjack, make sure to verify the correct URL in the address bar when you visit your broker’s website, before you make any deposits or type in your username and password. The attackers divert you to another URL address and while the website might look and feel just like the original one, it is in fact fraud.

“Delta Financial Markets in London has had its website cloned and people should be aware of that. The counterfeit website, which can be found under the URL, looks credible, and contains many important details regarding Delta Financial Markets including our Financial Conduct Authority registration number.”

Mr. Clein continued to explain that “Clients could easily believe that this is the correct website, enter their details in good faith and then lose their money to a fraudster. We are talking to the FCA about this matter currently, to ask that they take steps toward assisting to remove the false website from the internet.”

Mr. Clein’s memorandum explained to the company’s management that “I wish to inform you that our website has been fraudulently cloned. The link to the cloned website is :”

“The link to our genuine website is :”

“We will endeavor to have this website removed by contacting the service provider, and will also warn clients by posting a warning on our website. I will also keep you informed of any developments that may occur as a result of this matter,” Mr. Clein addressed the management team.

This is by far not the first time such attempts are made and any broker can find itself in this out most horrifying situation. Less than a year ago, Tradenext broker was subject to similar clone-fraud with the similar agenda in mind.


Mr. Clein has filled an investigation request with FCA and hopefully there will be lawful consequences.