kcgKCG Holdings, Inc. today announced the consolidation and renaming of its U.S. broker-dealer operations into KCG Americas LLC, formerly Knight Capital Americas LLC.

The name change and consolidation reflect a simplification of KCG's post-merger, broker-dealer subsidiary structure. Further, the consolidation generates cost synergies and releases additional capital. To create KCG Americas LLC, the brokerage operations of GETCO Execution Services LLC (GES) and GETCO Securities, LLC (GTS) were first consolidated into Knight Capital Americas LLC (KCA). OCTEG, LLC (OCTEG) was then merged into KCA, which was subsequently renamed KCG Americas LLC, effective December 31, 2013 after the market close.

KCG Americas LLC is an SEC-registered broker-dealer and CFTC-registered futures merchant as well as a member of FINRA and SIPC. In addition, KCG Americas LLC is a member of all major U.S. exchanges and markets for stocks, options and futures.

About KCG
KCG is a leading independent securities firm offering investors a range of services designed to address trading needs across asset classes, product types and time zones. The firm combines advanced technology with exceptional client service across market making, agency execution and venues. KCG has multiple access points to trade global equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities via voice or automated execution.