April 14, 2021

Top Forex Brokers

It's time to post the results of the New Year Promo 2020 from Liteforex broker! The winners of the third stage are the following trading accounts:

MT4-R-410741, MT4-R-402967, MT4-R-357706, MT4-ECN-847702, MT4-ECN-834427, MT4-R-415916, MT4-R-401914, MT4-ECN-810408, MT4-L-1013837, MT4-R-391652, MT4-R-369518, MT4-R-400305, MT4-ECN-819738, MT4-R-361732, MT4-R-400940, MT4-R-415050, MT4-ECN-835710, MT4-ECN-831103, MT4-R-415244, MT4-ECN-828215, MT4-R-412928, MT4-R-415243, MT4-R-414366, MT4-R-412474, MT4-ECN-825455, MT4-R-404502, MT4-ECN-817487, MT4-R-414305, MT4-R-358095, MT4-ECN-812324, MT4-R-412474, MT4-R-418516, MT4-R-368770, MT4-ECN-386634, MT4-L-1015160, MT4-R-410950, MT4-ECN-450402, MT4-R-411354, MT4-R-397091, MT4-R-396728, MT4-R-376559, MT4-ECN-843690, MT4-R-391598, MT4-ECN-840798, MT4-R-411377, MT4-R-415959, MT4-ECN-844144, MT4-ECN-846056, MT4-R-412507, MT4-R-397091.

The holders of these accounts have won $10 gifts. The prize money will be credited to their trading accounts and may be used in trading or withdrawn with no limits. We congratulate the winners and hope for further fruitful cooperation!

We also commend all the participants of the New Year Promo for their support!