It is with great pleasure to announce that in September XM is starting an extensive forex trading seminar series in as many as 6 countries on the African continent.

We are extremely pleased to invite our existing and new clients to our seminar series, due to take place between 21st September and 9th November, with the aim to bring forex trading closer to online investors with professional education at hand.

The countries we will visit are Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Ivory Coast, where we look very much forward to welcoming our event guests to the seminar titledĀ Technical Indicators, Oscillators and Japanese Candlesticks.

Presented by Tradepedia, in each event location our seminar provides a complete guide to putting technical analysis to good use when it comes to assessing market trend strength and trend quality, deciding which financial instruments to invest in and when, as well as deciding when to enter or exit the markets with minimum risk exposure.

Offering clear-cut explanation on a set of technical analysis tools, in each of the cities that we will visit, our seminar has much to offer to all those who wish to acquire up-to-date information and professional guidance.

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