On 20th October XM hosts a seminar in Athens, Greece, on the topic of forex and stock trading, to which we are pleased to invite online traders ready to learn interesting details from professional instructor Charalambos Spyridis.

The educational event takes place at Hilton Athens Hotel, where our company representatives will be looking forward to welcoming guests. For online retail investors who wish to learn valuable information about several much-debated aspects of trading forex vs trading stocks, seminar presenter Charalambos Spyridis will deliver an information rich presentation about the topic.

For both beginner and more advanced traders who wish to have a better understanding of the advantages of trading on foreign currencies and investing in stocks, Charalambos Spyridis’s presentation has much on offer. From a general overview of the global forex and stock markets to the advantages of opening a trading account at XM and investing in either currency pairs or in individual stocks, the seminar will aim to elaborate on much relevant information.