August 05, 2020

This month winner, Sureerut Haritawen, told FBS Forex Broker her very touching and moving dream – school supplies for her two kids. 

Mrs Sureerut Haritawen lives in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand and works as a maid. It’s time for her two kids to go to school, but it’s very challenging to afford all the school stuff. So, when she found out about FBS “Dreams come true” contest, she immediately knew what to wish for – and we couldn’t stay indifferent to her call for help! As soon as she left her comment on our Facebook page, our Thai office showed up at her doorstep with all the school supplies her kids could dream about! Young mother was so happy she couldn’t hold back the tears.

Mrs Sureerut Haritawen believes education and school is very important. “There are five people in my family. We don’t have much money for school supplies like this, – she said, – but now my kids can go to school, and we want to thank FBS for this!”

Even though she never traded before, Mrs Sureerut Haritawen thinks trading is a very good way to make an additional income, but it requires a lot of studying.

FBS Broker congratulates Mrs Sureerut Haritawen and her kids and wish them good luck!