December 05, 2020

In response to the growing client demands for the forex trading seminars hosted by XM in Malaysia, the XM team will embark on a new grand seminar tour to as many as 5 Malaysian cities between July and November 2017.

The spring seminar series started in Malaysia this spring are still ongoing, and our clients can now sign up for the forex trading seminars due in summer and autumn as follows: Melaka on 29 July, Terengganu on 19 August, Kedah on 30 September, Kota Bharu on 21 October, and Kuantan on 11 November.

In each city, well-known forex instructor Zulle Razak will hold the presentation entitled Confluence Techniques in Forex Trading, which was designed to meet the needs of beginner and more seasoned traders alike who wish to learn about confluence techniques applied in spot forex trading. The seminar topic covers a wide range of details related to different trading techniques that can be combined into one single effective trading strategy to suit investors’ trading goals and risk management.

The intensive seminar consists of a morning and afternoon session, which leave enough time for event participants to not only understand the essence of the trading concepts presented but also to see how these work real-time with the help of the practical examples demonstrated by Zulle Razak.

Seminar presenter Zulle Razak, together with the XM team members present on the premises, look very much forward to meeting our existing and new clients in any of the seminar locations with a topic that has much to offer for improved trading practices.