Established back in 1999, FXCM forex trading provider announced its new integration with QuantConnect – an online trading platform with automate trading features. Traders who favor algorithmic approaches will be ecstatic to access historical data of any stocks in just couple of clicks.

FXCM literally crawls out of its skin to improve and enhance its trading features and services. It has neem developing new tools and resources, works on comprehensive solutions for the algorithms, extend is flexibility, and adds more useful strategies, as well as black-testing abilities.

Some of the benefits that come with the integration between FXCM and QuantConnect include: Clients can execute strategies on their own and they can access historical data of stock orders from FXCM within minutes. Compared to dest execution system which takes a long time to retrieve data for you.

FXCM’s latest updates show us how the broker grows and matures, reaching new heights now and in the near future.