Alpari is seeking the alternative licensing and has withdrawn its latest request from Malta Financial Services. The company seems to refocus towards European markets hence look for different licensing alternatives.

The shareholder Andrey Dashin has purchased the UK brand for Alpari and now the broker is seeking to establish EU regulation.

With the unbeatable reputation and high-standard services, Alpari is committed to bring its traders European Straight Through Processing regulated subsidiary.

“Alpari is interested in enhancing its global presence. The licensing process of forex brokers, in general and in Europe in particular, has become very strict, implying a great deal of due diligence and project evaluation efforts from both the licensing companies and the Regulators.”

“Alpari is willing to pursue its new license in Europe giving all possible comfort to the European regulators to carry on their duties unpressured, while at the same time safeguarding its right to choose what it considers to be its best option. As a result, we have decided to withdraw our license application in Malta and we are actually pursuing different options,”

With numerous brokers withdrawing from Malta as a local regulator, Malta regulation has become rather unpopular among brokers and other alternatives are emerging, such as Bulgaria and Estonia. While these regulators haven’t been popular, running a broker in Eastern European countries turns to be a profitable and cheaper option than Cyprus.

We expect to see more brokers following Alpari’s path. Keep up to date with the latest news on our site.