instaforex success story reviewInstaforex shared one of its clients’ success stories. Meet Sergey Fevralyov, a forex trader who not only doubled, but made ten times the money he has initially invested with just over two weeks.

Sergey’s overwhelming success is not something that happened overnight. He has traded forex since 2008 and joined Instaforex broker in 2009. With patience and hard work he has gained the experience and built up strategies.

Throughout 8 years of trading, Sergey has made serious, steady profits and with the earned money has purchased a car and travelled the world.

The latest profit is an enormous success because it is definitely not easy to increase your initial deposit 10 times within such short period of time. Sergey reviews its trading strategies and continues to make profits and top up trade volumes, turning into the most outstanding traders in Russia.

At the moment Sergey holds an account with $45,000 involved in traders.  He advice traders to be focused, patient and follow the strategies in order to make decent money.

 “What I liked about InstaForex is their attention to my needs. I can always settle any issue with the team. It has been exciting to take part in contests. I even ranked high in them. I am also attracted by bonuses on every deposit. In order to make money in the forex market, you have to pursue your strategy and don't give up if you incur losses," Sergey Fevralyov comments on his experience.