Sergei millionaire in just 2 weeks

Following the success story of Akhmad Arief who made $1,000,000 in just two weeks, meet Sergei Kovalenko from Belarus who earned $1,500,000 in the same period of time.

"Prolonged and laborious work eventually helped me to successfully enter the market and take profit. Of course, I have made many mistakes, but now I have got a deeper understanding of my actions; I can rationally consider my abilities and knowledge. As the result, I have new goals!" - Sergei shares his experience.

Sergei is now ready to conquer another high of $2,000,000. Let’s wish him good luck an successful trading! "The luck is short-lived, you cannot count on it - only work, studies and understanding the market can bring good results. I have experienced that myself." You can read the full review with Segei at Instaforex website.