christmas forex raffles and bonusesCelebrate the winter holidays with the arrival of ETFs at eToro. You can now win $10,000 ETF! Great offer for holiday-spirited traders!

Newbies are welcome to join eToro social network trading platform this winder with very exciting prizes and bonus offers:

Christmas Raffles

Every trader who makes deposits now have a chance to win $10,000 ETF portfolio at the Christmas raffles. To make things even more exciting, there is not just one winner, but 3 raffles with 3 Winners and 3 prizes!!! In order to join the game, make your first deposit with eToro and you automatically enter the raffle. Each additional deposit gives you another raffle ticket.

Deposit Bonus

15% bonus is now added to your account for every deposit of at least $200. The offer is limited to the end of December.

New ETFs and Assets

Welcome to Spanish, Italian and other emerging markets. You can now add all of them to your watch list and catch profitable opportunities!

First Time Deposit Bonus of 40%

Receive 40% bonus on your first deposit and boost your trading chances before the New Year strikes!

$300-$999 100 ETORO CREDITS  
$1,000-$2,499 300 ETORO CREDITS  
$2,500-$5,000 1,000 ETORO CREDITS