etoro upgraded mobile applicationMore exciting news is pouring from eToro social investment network. eToro has upgraded its mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

Today eToro’s social trading app version 8.0 brings you a new set of markets. Users can now trade new stocks from Spain and Italy, and you can clearly notice a new category of ETFs.

Etoro has been pleasantly surprising us with the latest New eToro platform which replaced iconic Open Book and WebTrader platforms. So far the feedbacks are purely ecstatic from traders all over the world.

Being the latest social investment network today, eToro has over 130,083,425 trades opened and counting. The popularity of eToro lays in a simple yet absolutely genius invention where clients earn by copying the trading actions of eToro’s best traders. And, believe us, when we say there is plenty to choose from since there are over 4 million traders and investors trading with eToro over 170 countries.

eToro is truly an eye-opening creation where everyone can join in. Whether with experience or without, you can either copy others or share your undeniable knowledge in trading with other master minds.

etoro top trader

Can there be easier way to trade? All you need to do is to find a trader that makes money (you can see the reports of his/her trading history and profit percentage) by simply copying the trading actions of traders who match your strategy. It is totally and outmost cool!

Join in eToro today and find your piece of cake in trillion dollar daily market.