hughtrade trading educationLearn and understand trading better with AvaTrade exclusive educational content HughTrade. HughTrade brings you wide range of comprehensive videos, articles and live webinars covering from basics to advanced strategies you need to become a professional trader.

For New Traders

Newbies get access to free beginner articles. All you need to do is to open an AvaTrade risk-free demo account without any deposits or credit card exposure. Demo account will give you access to educational resources covering:

Intro to the markets

Fundamental & technical analysis

Currency pairs

Margin trading

Trading commodities, indices & stocks

Order types

Charting, patterns & trends

The articles are updated with the newest strategies, tips and psychological training needed for successful trading.

All of the free HughTrade content can be found on the official AvaTrade broker website.

Don’t forget to open AvaTrade demo account so you can start practicing the strategies you learn along the way.

For Advanced Traders

Advanced traders get access to Hugh Trade Premium section with advanced forex trading guides for pros. The section is only available for Live funded accounts.

In the Premium section you will find:

Pro Trader Insights - premium pro traders ideas, strategies and insights for the forex and commodities markets.

Pro Trader Videos – pro video content from advanced traders and learn their ways to make profits.

The full selection of premium articles can be found on AvaTrade website.

Once you open and fund a real account with AvaTrade, all the videos, articles and webinars in the Premium section are there for your viewing for unlimited time.