exness trading volumesEXNESS announced that from now on the transparency regarding broker’s funds and trading volumes will be available to all traders, stating that it is crucial for the traders to see whether a broker is able to withhold major market volatility.

 Director of Global Strategy and Business Development of EXNESS, George Tsaparillas, says:

“This year has already been a testing time for retail Forex brokers, with many suffering losses on the back of January’s volatility in the Swiss Franc. At present, the industry is far too opaque, with traders often having no visibility of the financial performance of their broker. We believe traders deserve more transparency and that is why we are today releasing audited figures for our funds and trading volumes.”

As of today, EXNESS trading volumes, processed withdrawals and commissions have been posted and audited by one of the leading auditing firms Deloitte. And here are the figures:

For the period of 1 October to 31 December 2014, EXNESS trading volumes total to US$536 billion. Average trading volumes are US$178 billion, which signals the 7% growth from the previous months last year.

The processed withdrawals for the same period of time are US$42 million, with about US$14 million on average per month.

The total funds of EXNESS at the end of January 2015 sums up to US$66 million.

George Tsaparillas says: “With the release of these audited figures, EXNESS is one of the most transparent retail Forex brokers in the industry. Our trading volumes remained high in the final quarter of last year and, with a substantial level of own funds relative to our trading volumes, traders have a visible measure of the financial strength of the company.”