Forex Trainer Allows to Replay Trades And Perfect StrategiesForex Trainer is new software provided by Instaforex broker. We have reviewed and tried out the software and found out that with this program you can test your trading strategies using technical analysis on one of the best platforms available today MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

With the simulator you can follow fast replays of your own trading. With just couple of clicks you can find out whether you take profit or stop loss orders are activated. You can slow the presentation down and follow closely every candlestick and optimize your setting.

The simulator is a great tool for beginners in forex trading. The difference between the simulator and demo account is that Forex Trainer allows you to adjust the simulation speed and select the most suitable time frame for your strategy.

With Forex Trainer you can replay and redo each scenario until perfected in a fast or slow mode, allowing you a much deeper analysis of the market and consequences of your decisions.

Instaforex offers the practice experience like nowhere else. Use the simulator to open positions, close and modify open trades. You can set pending orders and view the market conditions with detailed activity log and trading history.