InstaForex Benecard Debit CardInstaforex is pleased to offer a prepaid bank card, Instaforex Benecard. The debit Instaforex Benecard is connected directly to an European bank account, providing you with a complete control of your funds and easy deposit and withdrawal solution from anywhere in the world.

The withdrawals can be made from any ATM machines accepting MasterCard. The online purchases can be made without charges and the owners can withdraw up to $3,000 daily from their trading account with the lowest withdrawal fees.

The registration for the card costs $34.95 for USD account or 29.00 EUR for euro account. The fee can be processed via bank wire or Paypal.

Once approved, your Instaforex Benecard is connected to all of your trading account with the Forex Broker. The benefits you can take advantages of are reviewed below:

Deposit and withdraw money to or from all of your trading accounts with ease and no commissions.

Check your balance online.

Use your card all over the world in any ATM machine or for online purchases

The maximum daily withdrawal limit at any ATM is up to $3,000 (or 2,333 EUR).

The registration for the card can be simply completed via Client Cabinet of your Instaforex account.