etoro social network

We asked around and found out why eToro forex broker is attractive to so many traders. Here are the top advantages:

It’s very simple

We all like it simple, even the pros. Simplicity is the key to effective trade. If you cannot work your platform out, how do you expect to make any money?!

eToro platform is flexible and easy for any trader. There is a solution for desktop trading and on –the-go trades and, most importantly, it provides access to the largest so far social trading nework with over 1.5 million other traders you can follow, discuss and copy!

Social trading is awesome!

Yes, social media is hot these days and we all like to be a part of it. Why to keep forex out? eToro brings you the largest investment network where the collective wisdom turns into attractive opportunities and discussions bring exciting investment opportunities for all traders. Why to break your head with technical analysis if you can pick up the expert trader and copy him or her with just couple of clicks. Yes, we sure do love that!

eToro’s customer service is very good

New and existing traders report dedicated support available via phone, chat and email. The questions are answered promptly and effectively and this is something you cannot ignore. Here is extra point to you, eToro.

Free learning material and unlimited practice demo account

There are plenty of courses, blog posts, trading information and market analysis. The practice account comes with $10,000 virtual money so you can take all the time you need to practice before trading for real.

Follow and copy the best traders

The most favorite feature of all is See, Follow and Copy the best traders in the network. You can check out their trading history and risk factors for a selected period of time and choose an expect most suitable for you to follow and copy.

Special Promotions

Lastly, there are plenty of bonuses and promotional offers not only for new traders but also for the loyal existing clients. It’s always fun to get a bonus out of the blue!