Mon, Nov 28, 2022

Forex Trading – Hot or Not?Taken seriously forex trading can be a profession and a full time job. In the society where your career portrays your personality, financial status and success, I can’t help but wonder what image does forex trader have?  

Forex Trading – Hot or Not?

When it comes to dating, women tend to be quite picky and seek “brainy” and financially secure dates. The most preferred professions for eligible date are doctors (saving life is sexy!), architects (will build our future house himself), lawyers (works too many hours, but earns a tone!) and property agents (will get a good deal on the apartment).  

What about professional Forex traders? Can this profession fall under desired potential dating material and if you are a forex trader, what are the tips for a successful date? 

A woman usually enjoys the company of a clever man, unless he gets too competitive and too smart! That is, by the way, a good reason why two forex brokers can’t date each other. They will constantly compare each others profits and strategies!  A Woman definitely doesn’t want her date to be smarter than her, so the best tip is to keep the conversation about forex technical analysis and the influence of political situation in Middle East to yourself.

You can of course impress her with currency nicknames and how much you earn, but that’s about it, despite the uncontrollable desire to talk about trading 24/7. You love forex trading and that’s fine, however your date doesn’t have to know it is a religion for you.  Ramming on and on about dollar falling down and visible trends showing up will not win you any scoring points. 

First impression is so important! You just have to get some decent clothes and shoes, despite the fact that you haven’t been out of the house in decades and you spend hours online trading in your pajamas! Your clothes give a woman an image of how well you can take care of yourself. So, even if you are working from home, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get couple of business suits to show off! Definitely, and I MEAN IT, do not wear your “I eat, I sleep, I trade” t-shirt on a date! 

Women love humor, however making forex jokes about bears and bulls will most probably not impress your date. If you can’t recall any non-forex jokes, search them up online. That will give you a good head-start.  

Explaining online forex trading to a woman that doesn’t have a clue about it is a tricky business. She might end up thinking that it is an unstable job and there are great risks involved (which is true, but it should be kept a secret!). Women love security, so at least try to look like you have a fantastic career with steady income, because at the end of the day she will ask about your financial situation. 

Most importantly, stop talking and pay attention to what she says. Yes, even if that means forgetting your forex charts and your genius forex strategies! Women love to talk about themselves, so your job during the date is to listen, node and response, even if the topic of her favorite conversation is shoes. 

To summarize, being online forex trader can be sexy as long as you do not show your geeky side, continue to make profits and manage to forget about forex trading during the date. If you two ever get serious she will just have to get used to unshaved-most-of-the-time-plastered-to- computer-monitor real you!

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