Mon, Nov 28, 2022

woman traderDespite the increasing numbers of women in business, journalism, news and politics the world is still possessed by male dominance. The unfair discrimination against women employees and applicants still exist and socially you can still hear how sexual differences are used to justify different roles for male and female. This made me think – can women in online forex trading finally enjoy faceless and sexless identity and earn just as much as male traders do?  

Forex Trading – Genderless Paradise for Women Traders

The answer is shockingly simple – women forex traders are just as good as men forex traders (if not even better!).  Apart from living significantly longer, getting away from troubles using flirting and almost zero probability of becoming the next most-wanted serial killer, women are very good in multitasking and intuition.   

In forex trading your success depends on the intuition. It plays a major part in making a decision when to trade, how much to risk and whether it is worth it. Intuition is given to humans by nature but it is a known fact that women tend to be more accurate in using this “six sense”. It is basically impossible to make any kind of successful business decision without intuition and the ability to use it right comes in handy for female traders.

Apart from intuition women possess the ability to multitask. According to research performed in University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, women were found repeatedly better in multitasking. Women use more of their brains with any given task and that contributes tremendously to women ability to do several things at the same time. Multitasking allows women to become a professional forex trader, take care of a family and kids, and even find some time for themselves! 

Then comes the so called “nesting instinct”. Most women won’t risk what they cannot afford while gambling, investing and forex trading because of the “looking after the family” instinct. According to research women were found to take much less risk than men when it comes to financial investments.  

With some computer and internet knowledge, persistence, ability to read and learn how to trade forex and a little time any woman can lift her legs up on the table, trade side by side with male traders and earn just as much. Whether part time or full time, forex trading is sexless and there is no glass ceiling to stop female trader from getting the same profits as fellow male traders.  

Forex trading is an ultimate genderless paradise!

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