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unemployedFinancial turmoil has weakened our confidence as fears of unemployment are confirmed. No matter where you are, the global economic crisis will leave a bite mark on your skin, or worse, will eat you alive!  

Are You One Of 20 Million Unemployed? 

The estimated unemployment level is said to reach 20 million in about two months and government is struggling to prevent the catastrophic consequences this long-lasting global recession will bring. With job losses, business failures, mortgage debts and repossessions starring at us, is losing your current full time job one of your major concerns? And if so, have you thought of a solution? 

Once you lose your stable income it may take months or even years to find a substitute, especially when the whole world is drowning in recession. Apart from the obvious economic drama, losing your job can cause extreme philological stress and facts such as “you are not alone” and “20 million others have lost their jobs” won’t heal the bleeding self-esteem. All you will care about is getting another job… any job, really. 

Losing your job is extremely depressing. Hunting for job can turn depression into a chronic disease. Your self-worth turns to ashes and you start questioning your capabilities, especially when your family depends on it. 

Well, in my opinion, before the massive global poverty and social inequality will become even more visible and you start giving your boss begging looks, consider the alternative – foreign exchange (forex). If you start learning it now and practicing forex as a part-time profession, it will create extra cash on a side, for starters and later on might become your full-time job. In case things won’t go as planned at work and you will turn out to be one of the 20 million lay offs, you will already have an alternative and enough knowledge to actually make some money. 

Forex is a difficult profession and requires a lot of passion and time but it shouldn’t scare you away. Being under the unemployment spell, you should not close your eyes at any opportunity to earn money. Forex trading might be outside your usual expertise, but the joy of working from home and earning enough money is priceless. 

Maybe you wouldn’t have thought about forex trading before, but now it might be your chance to make some changes, to be your own boss and to forget about unemployment issue. Who knows, maybe you are the next currency trading millionaire! 

Forex might be outside your field, but if you are serious enough and patient enough, it might surprise you being unexpectedly rewarding in both financial and professional way. 

The process of globalization has turned against us. The balance is no longer fair and each of us needs rescuing. The real economy is under fire and the survival challenge is on. 

If you find yourself without a full-time job, first thing you have to do is file for unemployment. Of course it isn’t enough to continue a normal living, but it should help at least with the groceries. But before that happens, my advice, don’t just sit there and wait for the lightening to hit you. Brainstorm about other ways to earn money and actually bring salary home. Maybe forex isn’t for you, but it is worth trying.