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  • Understanding the Aroon Indicator
    Although it’s less commonly known that the MACD, Stochastic or the RSI, this oscillator can be a rather interesting trend indicator. Actually, the Aroon-developed relatively recently in 1995-measures...
  • Risks and Margin Calls
    Loosing money in forex is the part of the game. Don't let it freak you out, however it doen't mean you can be careless. Loosing money and learning from mistakes is one thing. Careless trading is another...
  • Leverage and Margin
    Let's say you decided to invest in FOREX market. For starters, you have to open a margin account (minimum account size) with a FOREX broker of your choice. As soon as you deposit your money you will be...
  • What is Lot?
    Let's start with an example that everyone can relate to. When you buy eggs in the grocery shop, it is impossible to buy just one egg, isn't it? Eggs are sold in a set of 12 or more.Now, back to FOREX world!...