Recommended Brokers August 2014

BrokerRegisterReviewsDemoMin Deposit
hotInstaForex signupreviewdemo account$1
hotXMsignupreviewpractice account$5
3.eToro signupreviewdemo account$50
4.AvaTrade signupreviewpractice account$100
5.LiteForex signupreviewdemo account$1
6.FBSsignupreviewpractice account$5
7.Easy-Forex signupreviewdemo account$25
8.Plus500signupreviewpractice account$100

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  • Base and Quote Currencies
    The first currency in a currency pair (the one on the left side from the slash "/ ") is called base currency. Base currency always has a value of 1. The second currency in the currency pair (the one on...
    All Forex quotes display two prices, the bid and the ask. BID: The price of the base currency that the dealer is willing to pay in exchange for the quote currency. In simple words, the bid is the price...
  • Bollinger Bands - Technical Analysis and Forex Indicators
    Bollinger Bands are very popular technical indicators among forex traders. The man responsible for the idea is John Bollinger – he created this technical trading tool in early 1980s. The primary idea...